Welcome to the Satoshi Roundtable.

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What is Satoshi Roundtable?

It’s a small group of leaders involved in Blockchain technology:   developers, CEOs, investors early adopters etc. who meet for a weekend retreat.

Private, without the distractions of media, pitches and crowds of a typical event.

Dates for Satoshi Roundtable II are Feb 26-28, at a resort in North America.

Limited to 75 members.

If you’d like to be put on a list to be considered for an invite, please email us with a bit about who you are and why you’d like to participate. Apologies in advance if you don’t hear back.

We are very sorry but the Roundtable is invitation-only and extremely limited in space.

Confirmed 2016 Participants include (in alphabetical order):

Gabriel Abed, CEO, Bitt
Charles Allen, CEO, BTCS
Gavin Andresen, MIT / Bitcoin Foundation
Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase
Adam Back, President, Blockstream
David Bailey, CEO, yBitcoins
Mike Belshe, CEO, BitGo
Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock / T0
Michael Cao, CEO, zoomhash
Dave Carlson, CEO, Mega Big Power
Daniel Castagnoli, CCO Exodus
Sam Cole, CEO, KNC Miner
Matt Corallo, Core Developer
Luke Dashjr, Core Developer
Anthony Di Iorio, CDO-Toronto Stock Exchange, Founder-Ethereum/Decentral/Kryptokit
Joe Disorbo, CEO, Webgistix
Jason Dorsett, Early Adopter
Evan Duffield, Founder/Lead Scientist, Dash
Andrew “Flip” Filipowski, Partner/ Co-Founder, Tally Capital
Thomas France, Founder, Ledger
Jeff Garzik, Founder, Bloq
Yifo Guo, Tech Developer/ Early Adopter
David Johnston, Chairman, Factom
Samy Kamkar, Super Hacker
Alyse Killeen, Partner, Venture Capital Investor
Jason King, Founder, Unsung
Mike Komaransky, Cumberland Mining
Peter Kroll, Founder,
Bobby Lee, CEO, BTC China, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Bitcoin Foundation
Charlie Lee, Director of Engineering, Coinbase/Founder of Litecoin
Eric Lombrozo, Founder, Ciphrex Corp / Developer
Marshall Long, CTO, Final Hash
Matt Luongo, CEO, Fold
Jake Mazelewicz, Ph.D. JMA Associates (guest speaker) Human performance researcher
Halsey Minor, CEO, Uphold / Founder of CNet
Alex Morcos, Hudson Trading/ Core Developer
Neha Narula, MIT, Director of DCI – Digital Currency Initiative
Dawn Newton, Co-Founder, COO, Netki
Justin Newton, Founder CEO, Netki
Stephen Pair, Co-Founder/CEO, BitPay Inc.
Michael Perklin, President, C4 – CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium / Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
Alex Petrov, CIO, BitFury
Phil Potter, CSO, Bitfinex
Francis Pouliot, Director, Bitcoin Embassy, Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
JP Richardson, Chief Technical Officer, Exodus
Jamie Robinson, QuickBt
Jez San, Angel Investor
Marco Santori, Partner, Pillsbury
Scott Scalf, EVP/Head of Tech Team, Alpha Point
Craig Sellars, CTO, Tether
Ryan Shea, Co-Founder, One Name
Greg Simon, CEO & Co-Founder Ribbit! Me / President, Bitcoin Association
Ryan Singer, Entreprenuer
Paul Snow, CEO Factom, Texas Bitcoin Conference
Riccardo Spagni, Monero
Nick Spanos, Founder, Bitcoin Center NYC
Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning
Marco Streng, CEO, Genesis Mining
Nick Sullivan, CEO, ChangeTip
Paul Sztorc, Truthcoin
Michael Terpin, CEO, Transform Group
Peter Todd, Core Developer
Joseph Vaughn Perling, New Liberty Dollar
Roger Ver, CEO, Memory Dealers /
Aaaron Voisine, CEO, Breadwallet
Zooko Wilcox, CEO, Z Cash
Shawn Wilkinson, Founder, Storj
Micah Winkelspecht, CEO, Gem

also, representatives from Blockchain, Bain Capital Ventures, Mycelium, Fidelity Investments and others.


For more information or to request an invite please email [email protected]



You are welcome to send a request for an invite — but it’s very, very limited space. We apologize in advance.

The best way to be invited is if you know someone who is attending and can get some references and also be either a well credentialed developer or technical expert, CEO, industry thought leader or representative of a large company.


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