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escudo-shatoshiAbout The Satoshi Roundtable

Satoshi Roundtable is the premier, strictly invitation-only gathering for a limited group of leaders involved in Blockchain technology:   developers, CEOs, investors, early adopters and influencers who meet for a retreat at a private resort.

The event is private, without the distractions of media, pitches and crowds of a typical event.

Dates for Satoshi Roundtable III are January 23-26, 2017, at a resort in North America.

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Limited to 120 attendees.

To be considered for an invite, please email us with a bit about who you are and why you’d like to participate. Apologies in advance if you don’t hear back.

We are very sorry but the Roundtable is invitation-only and extremely limited in space.
For more information or to request an invite please email [email protected]

Please send a request for an invite — but it’s very limited space. We apologize in advance if we need to put you on a waitlist.

The best way to be invited is if you know someone who is attending and can get some references and also be either a well credentialed developer or technical expert, CEO, industry thought leader, active investor or most senior representative of a large company.

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Previous Attendees of Satoshi Roundtable include:

Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase
Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock
Vitalik Buterin, Founder, Ethereum
Dr. Adam Back, President, Blockstream
Nic Cary, Founder, Blockchain.info
Adam Ludwin, CEO, Chain
Elizabeth Rossielo, CEO, BitPesa
Elizabeth Stark, CEO, Lightning
Dr. Melanie Shapiro, CEO, Case
Michah Winkelspecht, CEO, GEM
Steven Pair, CEO, Bitpay
Judd Bagley, Director, T0
Peter Smith, CEO, Blockchain
Alex Petrov, CTO, BitFury
Bruce Fenton, CEO, Atlantic Financial
Phil Potter, CSO, Bitfinex
Trace Mayer, Author, Investor, Adopter
Steve Beauregard, CEO, GoCoin
Greg Simon, CEO, Loyyal
Charles Allen, CEO, BTCS
Anthony DiIorio, Founder, Decentral, Toronto Stock Exchange
Bobby Lee, CEO, BTCC
Dawn Newton, COO, Netki
Brock Pierce, Chairman, CEO, Bitcoin Foundation, Partner Cryptocurrency Partners
Charlie Lee, Dir of Engineering, Coinbase
David Bailey, CEO, BTC Media
Paul Snow, CEO, Factom
Justin Newton, CEO, Netki
Matt Corallo, Core Dev
Peter Todd, Core Dev
Alex Morcos, Core Dev
Eric Lombrozo, Core Dev
Luke Dashjr, Core Dev
Neha Narula, Director, MIT DCS
Erik Voorhees, CEO, ShapeShift
Roger Ver, CEO, Bitcoin.com
Gavin Andresen, Developer, Bitcoin Foundation, MIT DCS

Also CEOs/ founders of Mycelium, Fold, Genesis Mining, bitaddress, OneName, Unsung, Factom, Monero, Netki, Tally Capital and senior representatives of Bain Capital Ventures, Union Square Ventures, AlphaPoint, Smart Wallet, Bitcoin Embassy, Bitcoin Center of NY, Red Sea Ventures, Fidelity Investments and others.