We have two great events coming up in October:

October 17-18 – Portsmouth NH Satoshi Roundtable Sidetable

This is a smaller version of the popular Satoshi Roundtable event series we run.

October 19  –  The 3rd Annual FSBDAC – Free State Bitcoin and Blockchain Digital Assets Conference & Meetup

Held at the historic Bickford Farms!

This is a community focused event with lots of long time Free State industry members.

Portsmouth NH Satoshi Roundtable Sidetable

These events use an unconference format and will have deep dives into the tech and focus on discussion and working groups.

Sidetables are small. Think of it as a working trip – combine your existing work with some high quality group discussions.

It will be attended by developers, builders and senior execs working on digital assets and will cover regs, smart securities design and platforms.

Price: $799 (Use code TAKE100 for $100 off ticket price, this week only!)

Click here to Register!


FSBDAC & Meetup

This will have more conventional speakers and panels as well as lots of space to walk around, talk, break into breakout sessions and groups or just to enjoy nature.

Featuring speakers such as Carla Gericke, Lisa McGunnigle, Darren Tapp, Vin Armani, Darryl Perry, Steven Zeiler & Irina S. Litchfield!

Price: $75 General Admission ($25 discounted ticket available for students with valid .edu email address)

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The Venues

Wentworth by the Sea

The Sidetable is being held at Wentworth by the Sea (call us first or be SURE to mention the event when booking for a discount – we have a room block)

The Wentworth is just 2 miles from downtown Portsmouth, known for art galleries, restaurants and quaint New England shopping

Nearby the cool seaside town of Portsmouth and overlooking a scenic water view, this hotel was remodeled last year. New Hampshire who’s state slogan is “The Free State” and has had strong Bitcoin and crypto roots and a high percentage of adopters since the earliest days of Bitcoin.  Only an hour and a half from Boston, tax free and a business-friendly environment has attracted a large number of startups.

Bickford Farms

The FSBDAC will be held at the historic Bickford Farm


Established in 1632, the farm was first owned by Darby Field, an adventurer and translator who was the first European to summit Mount Washington

We are really excited about this location.

We are hoping to build the farm into an industry gathering
and retreat spot combining nature and quality discussion in a relaxing environment.

The farm is a nature preserve and conservation refuge on the
Great Bay on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.

On July 18th, 1694, Capt. Bickford single handedly defended his garrison and family from an attack of a French and native American war party which killed 100 people and burned several garrisons in what is known as the Oyster River Massacre.  His bravery became legend and was written about by Cotton Mather and other contemporaries.

Today the farm is a wildlife and nature preserve which is host to hundreds of species of birds and other animals including deer, marmots, rabbits, herons, bobolinks and even the occasional bear and wildcat.

In the 1970s, Aristotle Onassis, the wealthiest man in the world at the time, endeavored to build an oil refinery on the Great Bay.  The refinery threatened the crucial ecology of the Great Bay, one of the largest and most important estuaries in North America.  A robust effort by fierce New Hampshire activists defeated the proposal against all odds and gave birth to environmental and conservation efforts which today protect thousands of acres around the Bay.

We think this spot will be a perfect industry gathering spot.

Please join us in October!

Sponsors:  the Sidetable doesn’t have sponsors but does have media space.

FSBDAC offers free media spots and limited sponsorships at the ridiculously low price of FREE.  The catch is that your business has to be approved.  Eligible businesses will be prioritized based on how cypherpunk they are and how additive they are to the event and experience.