Upcoming Events 

We have two great events coming up in October! 

Bitcoin Sidetable – Portsmouth, NH 

October 17 – 18, 2019 – Wentworth By the Sea

Similar to our annual Roundtable event, The Sidetable is a gathering of top developers, influencers, company founders, and other members of the financial tech world.

This smaller two-day event will be facilitated in our signature “unconference” or organic style where participants help generate the agenda and focus. We believe the best part of most traditional events and retreats is often the sidebar talks in the hallway. This Sidetable event is designed to facilitate such talks and place participant generated learning and discussion at the forefront.

It will be attended by developers, builders and senior execs
working on digital assets and will cover regs, smart securities design and
platforms. The theme for this Sidetable event is Bitcoin, Securities, and the Global Economy.

When: October 17 – 18, 2019

Where: Wentworth by the Sea ~ A Marriott Hotel & Spa
588 Wentworth Road 
New Castle, NH 03854
United States

About the Venue:  Wentworth by The Sea is located just 2 miles from downtown Portsmouth, known for art galleries, restaurants and quaint New England shopping.

New Hampshire, who’s state slogan is “The Free State” and has had strong Bitcoin and crypto roots and a high percentage of adopters since the earliest days of Bitcoin.  Only an hour and a half from Boston, this tax free and business-friendly area has attracted a large number of startups. Read more about Bitcoin in Portsmouth here.

3rd Annual FSBDAC- Free State
Blockchain Digital Assets Conference

October 19, 2019 – Bickford Farms 

The Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference (FSBDAC) 2019 will be taking place on October 19th in Durham, NH. This “unconference” style event brings together some of the top financial tech innovators, researchers, company leaders, and other blockchain enthusiasts to explore topics such as digital assets, securities, cryptocurrencies, and other emerging blockchain applications. This will have more conventional speakers and panels as well as lots of space to walk around, talk, break into breakout sessions and groups or just to enjoy nature.

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019

Where: Held at the Historic Bickford Farms located on Great Bay along the New Hampshire Seacoast 

Price: $75 General Admission ($25 discounted ticket available for students with valid .edu email addresses)

2019 FSBDAC Speakers 

We have a fantastic speaker lineup for this year’s event! See the lineup below or visit blockchainnh.com/2019-speaker-lineup to learn more.

Carla Gericke

Carla will be presenting about Ross Ulbricht (Founder of Silk Road) and the injustice of his double life sentence. Carla has been an outspoken critic of Ross’s prosecution, maintaining that Ross is a political prisoner incarcerated and sentenced to double life in prison in order to chill the use of cryptocurrencies. Come learn how YOU can be a kickass advocate to help #FreeRoss! Carla Gericke (JD,MFA) is a Free Stater living in New Hampshire since 2008.

Vin Armani

Vin will be presenting about the heretics of Bitcoin. He is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of CoinText.io, an SMS-based cryptocurrency wallet available in over 40 countries. In addition to being a software developer, author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, art galleries, pirate radio station operator, DJ, and motorcycle courier.

Darryl Perry

Darryl will be going over Politics & Cryptocurrency. He has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. He’s an award winning author, and former radio and TV host who was a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in 2016 who also became the first Presidential candidate to accept cryptocurrency donations in 2013.

Darren Tapp

Darren will be going over the Byzantine General’s problem and how Satoshi Nakamoto allows for a strong solution to this problem. He is currently an Assistant Research Professor at ASU school of computing, informatics & decision systems engineering.

Tron Black

Tron Black is a freedom advocate, crypto developer, entrepreneur, and founder of two startups which were sold to publicly traded companies. Since early 2013, Tron has been working in the crypto-currency space as a miner, developer, investor, and trader. He regularly gives talks on crypto-currency topics worldwide. Tron is currently an advisor to TZero, TUSC, and Realio.fund, and the lead developer for Ravencoin (RVN) which is both a top 50 crypto-currency and a leading crypto-asset platform.

Steven Zeiler

Topic: Portsmouth ~ America’s Bitcoin City. Steven is the CEO & Tech Lead at Anypay. Anypay facilitates direct payments from user to merchant. Crypto goes from their wallet to yours without any fees or compromising info.

Lisa McGunnigle

Lisa returns for her third FSB-DAC to present a project that she has started that places small scale renewable energy credits onto a blockchain to be traded via a token. Lisa is an attorney, nurse practitioner and entrepreneur active in the healthcare and blockchain spaces.

Irina S. Litchfield

Irina is the Founder/CEO at BlockchainCubed, boutique consulting firm. She is an advisor at SpaceFund, ProChain Capital and founding advisor at ABE, global securities exchange. Early to the blockchain space, she also co-founded a bitcoin exchange in 2013 and later helped build an online bank. Passionate about innovation, community leadership and bettering, Irina often speaks as a subject matter expert. She is a co-orgonizer of BitAngelsTexas and columnist at CoinRivet as well as contributor at BloxLive TV .

Preston Byrne

Preston will be presenting on “Free Speech Money: an update on the state of Bitcoin as a tool for human liberation.” He is an attorney at Byrne & Storm, P.C., where his practice focuses on early-stage technology companies, including industrial cryptography, cryptocurrency and interactive computer services businesses, with complex cross-border legal issues. In his free time he is a fellow of the ASI.

Preethi Kasireedy

Preethi is the Founder & CEO of TruStory, a social debate network. Their mission is to create a place on the internet where people can have productive debate about the biggest issues (or even the smallest issues) of the century.

Brian T

Brian will be presenting on “Mental Models For Reasoning About Second Layer Evolution.” He is a low profile pseudonymous Bitcoiner who co-hosts the podcast Block Digest with Janine Roem, Rick, and Adam Fiscor(Nopara73). He’s been very active in a few dedicated activist sub-communities within the Bitcoin space since 2014 and is mostly focused on educating and inspiring healthy skepticism through the public activities he engages in.

Paul Snow

Paul Snow is the CEO of Factom Inc and Architect of the Factom protocol an open-source data-centric Blockchain. Paul is the Architect of PegNet, a fully decentralized network of stable assets in a frictionless trading platform built on the Factom protocol. Paul is also Founder and Chief Architect for DTRules an open-source decision-making protocol used in many states for health and human services projects, commercial websites, university projects, and many other applications. He holds multiple patents in graphics hardware, system configuration, and blockchain-based technologies. He is a supporter of and contributor to the Colored Coins and Ethereum projects and founder of the Texas Bitcoin Conference. He will be presenting on Pegonomics.

About the Venue:  Bickford Farms is a nature preserve and conservation refuge located on the Great Bay along the New Hampshire Seacoast. 

We are hoping to build the farm into an industry gathering and retreat spot combining nature and quality discussion in a relaxing environment.

Established in 1632, the farm was first owned by Darby Field, an adventurer and translator who was the first European to summit Mount Washington. 

On July 18th, 1694, Capt. Bickford single handedly defended his garrison and family from an attack of a French and native American war party which killed 100 people and burned several garrisons in what is known as the Oyster River Massacre.  His bravery became legend and was written about by Cotton Mather and other contemporaries.

In the 1970s, Aristotle Onassis, the wealthiest man in the world at the time, endeavored to build an oil refinery on the Great Bay.  The refinery threatened the crucial ecology of the Great Bay, one of the largest and most important estuaries in North America.  A robust effort by fierce New Hampshire activists defeated the proposal against all odds and gave birth to environmental and conservation efforts which today protect thousands of acres around the Bay.

Today the farm is a wildlife and nature preserve which is host to hundreds of species of birds and other animals including deer, marmots, rabbits, herons, bobolinks and even the occasional bear and wildcat.

We think this spot will be a perfect industry gathering spot.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Interested in Sponsoring? 

The Sidetable doesn’t have sponsors, but does have media space.

FSBDAC offers free media spots and limited sponsorships at the ridiculously low price of FREE. The catch is that your business has to be approved. Eligible businesses will be prioritized based on how cypherpunk they are and how additive they are to the event and experience.

If you or your company is looking to get involved with either of these events please email us at media@fdvt.com