About The Roundtable 

The Roundtable is a conference designed for a decentralized culture that inspires possibility, supports privacy, and allows each attendee the freedom to co-create the conference they want.

Limited in size, this event has consistently brought together some of the most interesting developers, influencers, company founders, and other members of the blockchain community for high quality, productive conversation. 

Satoshi Roundtable I (2015)

Roundtable VI

For the Roundtable VI, we will build on the format lessons of the past five Roundtable events. We are using the latest technology in meeting/retreat design to have an “unconference” or organic style where participants generate the agenda and focus.

The best part of most traditional conferences is often the sidebar talks in the hallway. The Roundtable is designed to facilitate such talks and place participant generated learning and discussion at the forefront.

Event Highlights 

The Satoshi Roundtable brings together some of the most interesting developers, influencers, company founders, and other members of the blockchain world…

 What Our Attendees are Saying 

“It was my pleasure to once again attend the Satoshi Roundtable organized by Bruce Fenton, I enjoy this event each year because it’s a relaxed atmosphere without massive herds of people and it offers lots of opportunities to have frank face-to-face discussions with people in the industry who are generally too busy to chat… See you in 2020!”

Jameson Lopp

Creator of Statoshi & CTO at Casa

“The innovation and the innovators are as spread out as the networks they hope to grow and foster. I think this diversity of opinion and inputs is a strength and it shows the power of digital connection to drive change…For me, this event is the best of the year…The learning possibilities are endless, and the passion is contagious.”

Jeremy Epstein

Never Stop Marketing

“First off I’d like to thank Bruce Fenton for including me in the event. I agree with Rick Falkvinge and others that the event was well organized and provided a great forum for everyone to foster good conversations…In true cypherpunk style we spent a lot of time poking holes in ideas not people.”

Brian Hoffman

Project Lead - Openbazaar & CEO at OB1

“Last weekend I attended the Satoshi Roundtable conference along with Charlie Lee and about 70 other members of the bitcoin community… A number of meetings took place between core developers, miners, and CEOs of Bitcoin companies. As you’re aware, there is a large disagreement about how bitcoin should scale right now. On one side you have the core developers who have concerns about how on-chain scaling will impact decentralization. On the other side you have most bitcoin companies who want growth.”

Brian Armstrong

CEO of Coinbase

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