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Another year, another Roundtable! Bruce Fenton’s annual unconference proved to be another welcome winter respite; I’ve been to Roundtables during both bear and bull markets and sentiments this year were quite optimistic that we’re at the dawn of a banner year.

Jameson Lopp

Creator of Statoshi & CTO at Casa

“It was my pleasure to once again attend the Satoshi Roundtable organized by Bruce Fenton, I enjoy this event each year because it’s a relaxed atmosphere without massive herds of people and it offers lots of opportunities to have frank face-to-face discussions with people in the industry who are generally too busy to chat… See you in 2020!”

Jameson Lopp

Creator of Statoshi & CTO at Casa

“The innovation and the innovators are as spread out as the networks they hope to grow and foster. I think this diversity of opinion and inputs is a strength and it shows the power of digital connection to drive change…For me, this event is the best of the year…The learning possibilities are endless, and the passion is contagious.”

Jeremy Epstein

Never Stop Marketing

“While the sightseers kite surfed, learned to Samba or sat by the pool with cocktails, Tucker found himself in an air-conditioned room watching presentations on hashing rate and CPU power. ‘You think to yourself, what am I doing? Why am I in here and not out there?’ But then you realize why you are here, it is because you care so intensely about this topic, because it is fascinating and you want to be a part of the future.”

Jeffrey Tucker (interviewed by B.Holmes)

CEO of Liberty.ME

“In an industry ravaged by sub-par conferences, Satoshi Roundtable is exceptional because it feels like it’s designed for smiles over sales; friendships over partnerships…As if determined to effortlessly prove me wrong, the open arms and understanding of people who make headlines with their tweets warmed my heart and quite literally changed my view of the world. They saw me and treated me like a person, and a lot of them went out of their way to empathize with me. If you are fortunate enough to get an invitation to SRT, accept it.”

Zane Witherspoon

Content Writer at Hackernoon

“Earlier this month, the various factions convened the Satoshi Roundtable, an invitation-only gathering of fifty or so people, who turned out to be a collection of many of the most important people behind Bitcoin…I believe that the players involved are well-intentioned reasonable people. All of them have a common goal: to make Bitcoin successful.”

Salil Deshpande

Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

“This event was extremely well organized and if you have the possibility to attend I would really recommend you do. There are so many interesting people with the same general interests in the same place which really makes it all worthwhile. The relaxed atmosphere and Chatham House rules make people speak more freely and be more open.”


Angel Investor

Another year, another outstanding Satoshi RoundtableMuch is misunderstood about this event. Its exclusivity has been seen as controversial by some. In reality, the mystique is just a small part of a carefully curated experience designed to create opportunities for industry members to interact with and learn from one another in ways that are not possible at other events. And it has excelled at doing so each time I’ve attended. The Sixth Edition of the Satoshi Roundtable did not disappoint and was perhaps the best one yet. There aren’t many conferences or industry events that you wish would never end. The good ones are best kept relatively short. Satoshi Roundtable is an exception. There’s something special about what happens there.

Will Pangman

Director of Operations at Tantra Labs

“First off I’d like to thank Bruce Fenton for including me in the event. I agree with Rick Falkvinge and others that the event was well organized and provided a great forum for everyone to foster good conversations…In true cypherpunk style we spent a lot of time poking holes in ideas not people.”

Brian Hoffman

Project Lead - Openbazaar & CEO at OB1

“Last weekend I attended the Satoshi Roundtable conference along with Charlie Lee and about 70 other members of the bitcoin community… A number of meetings took place between core developers, miners, and CEOs of Bitcoin companies. As you’re aware, there is a large disagreement about how bitcoin should scale right now. On one side you have the core developers who have concerns about how on-chain scaling will impact decentralization. On the other side you have most bitcoin companies who want growth.”

Brian Armstrong

CEO of Coinbase

“The productivity in a meeting like this is amazing. It’s so intense, you’re having high-impact discussions with everybody you meet, every five to ten minutes at tightest. Almost every single interaction leads to cooperation opportunities. Meeting so many other movers and shakers in such a tight spacetime means there’s an ignition of opportunity pretty much with every person you speak to… In conclusion, it was a very productive meeting that was superbly organized and executed.”

Rick Falkvinge

Founder of SPP

“The Roundtable is an invitation-only event organized by Bruce Fenton, and I’m told that in past years it was mostly a relaxed networking/socializing event…All of that discussion happened under the “Chatham House Rule”, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

Gavin Andresen

Lead Developer of Bitcoin

“An annual event traditionally aimed at giving cryptocurrency movers and shakers a chance to hash out industry problems (as well as relax) has opened wide its door to the larger financial community…The event has become a venue where leaders building a wide range of applications on blockchain gather to discuss obstacles facing the industry…The two-day long event will consist of roundtable sessions, coffee meetings, cocktail parties and time for breakaway discussions.”

Michael del Castillo

Content Writer at CoinDesk

“The Satoshi Roundtable is the annual coming-together of the “bitcoin OGs, or as Max Keiser would have it, ‘Titans of the Blockchain Industry.’  This is not meant to be boastful – this “invitation only” event has a very carefully curated guest list of C-level executives that have operated exchanges, wallets, payment processors, ATMs, remittance companies and OTC trading desks. In addition to what we at Bloq like to call the “Crypto 50,” executives from Fortune 50 institutions, bankers, lawyers, developers, VCs and cryptographers attended.”

Steve Beauregard

Chief Revenue Office at Bloq

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